About us

Founded in 2004 as a System Integrator, today Eureka System has grown and evolved into a provider of tailor-made automation solutions.

Over the years, Eureka System has expanded its offering in terms of solutions, services, and technologies – both used and integrated. This has allowed us to develop a wide-ranging tech expertise in-house.

Years of industrial software development and Automation and Robotics projects have led us to acquire specific technical competence covering many areas and technologies. This has enabled us to design, develop, and integrate tailor-made solutions for the most diverse production processes.

Our ideals

By building strong and lasting relationships with our partners, we can guarantee tailor-made, accurate, and in-depth automation solutions starting from the concept development stage.

We believe that innovation and process organisation are the concrete tools for an economically and socially ethical business orientation.


Eureka System’s new headquarters near Treviso, Italy, is the result of an ambitious project to renovate an old building to which we wanted to give new life.

For us, the headquarters is not only a working space but also, above all, an island of creativity, where we can generate ideas and share expertise and skills.

Work with us

For Eureka System, people are an indispensable asset, essential in generating added value and growth.

Eureka System’s strength lies in giving people specific professional training, developing their skills and enhancing their passions, intuition, and proactivity.

In-house training

Enhance your training with hands-on experience at Eureka System.

By joining our team, you will take part in a wide-ranging programme of personal and professional training.

Our Solutions

All the possibilities of our software, specifically tailored to your business processes and operations.