IIoT Gateway with ctrlX CORE

ctrlX CORE: Bosch Rexroth’s High-Performance IIoT Gateway and Controller

ctrlX AUTOMATION transcends traditional boundaries between machine control, the OT and IT worlds, and the IIoT. Thanks to the Linux operating system, its open architecture, a programming technology tailored for seamless integration of custom software into ctrlX CORE, and comprehensive IoT connectivity, ctrlX reduces components and design costs for any automation system by 30-50%.

ctrlX AUTOMATION is an open system that provides all the essential components needed to create complete and customised automation solutions. The system is modular, scalable, and covers the requirements of nearly all applications. In PLC and IoT applications, for example, your process know-how can be effortlessly integrated with Bosch Rexroth’s ctrlX AUTOMATION hardware.

  • Custom software solution tailored to the ctrlX hardware implementation

  • Integration of multiprotocol IIoT gateways

  • Modular expandability with Bosch Rexroth industrial technology (I/O modules, safety…)

  • System co-design and customization of the Web GUI interface

IoT gateway with Bosch ctrlX CORE

Full integration

  • Interaction with PLC logic controllers

  • Communication with MES/MOM production management systems

  • Interfacing with cloud platforms and services

  • Guaranteed future expandability

Main features

  • Acquisition of data streams from the field

  • Archiving and pre-processing of data

  • Execution of machine commands

  • Diagnostics: logging of data, events, alarms

  • Local real-time monitoring of data

ctrlX CORE is entirely Linux-based. Consequently, it is open, stable, and secure. Thanks to its open software architecture, it’s possible to install custom applications or use open-source software to create specific applications for new functions using common programming languages. The data structure of ctrlX, known as the ctrlX Data Layer, enables applications to communicate with each other without the need for programming or parameterization.

For field communication, ctrlX CORE relies on the EtherCAT ecosystem as the standard. This opens up the entire world of EtherCAT peripheral devices, which can be easily integrated into the user’s control topology. Apart from EtherCAT, the control hardware supports many of the most common automation protocols, and with EtherCAT Master as the automation bus, the system can connect to peripheral equipment.

In connected environments, the Ethernet interface manages the exchange of high-intensity data with higher-level IT systems, HMI devices, and cloud-based applications.

The control system supports over 30 direct connection options and standard IT and PLC IoT communication protocols, offering maximum flexibility to connect different devices and seamlessly integrate them into existing or future systems.

In ctrlX CORE, hardware and software are decoupled to provide the most advanced and open software architecture in the automation world. This openness offers unparalleled freedom to machine manufacturers and end-users, enabling them to integrate fully customised applications into an industrial-level control system and deliver pre-written functions in the form of simple snap apps. Implementing ctrlX CORE as a gateway thus ensures a high level of flexibility and connectivity, crucial aspects in the Industry 4.0 context, both for a traditional IIoT gateway and for a bidirectional gateway for machine communication.

ctrlX supports standardised PLC languages like IEC 61131 or PLCopen, high-level languages like C++, more recent scripting languages like Python, Java, or Node-RED, and new graphic programming languages like Blockly.

With ctrlX, you can create custom vertical applications and directly integrate them into the CORE, using it as the control system.

Furthermore, ctrlX CORE combines an open architecture with standard industrial-level features: end-to-end data transmission, VPN client, firewall, and OPC UA are automatically provided by the CORE, while user interfaces can be fully tailored and integrated into the system, just like any other specific application components to be created.

Discover more about the IIoT software installable in ctrlX CORE → our custom Edge Computing solutions

All Bosch Rexroth products, especially the ctrlX AUTOMATION range, are extensively documented to provide a transparent view of hardware functionality. The dedicated documentation includes data sheets, guides, and schematics.

Moreover, not only is it a globally established brand, but the innovation of ctrlX technology has also fostered a true global support community comprising developers and industry professionals.

Manufacturers must respond to market-driven changes in a more flexible and rapid manner, enabling them to make, for instance, last-minute production alterations. This is achievable only through secure IT/OT communication.

As a gateway, ctrlX CORE facilitates communication between the IT and OT systems of production. With this solution, data can be securely transferred from your MES directly to the machine control system, allowing you to respond to shifting market conditions without the need for additional manual interventions.

Thanks to the ultra-compact ctrlX CORE control system, a secure connection to IoT applications can be established. Additionally, as a gateway, ctrlX CORE ensures security and bidirectional IT/OT communication, securely and flexibly linking high-level IT systems, such as a MES, with the machine control system.

Being a product by Bosch, a true industry giant in industrial automation supply, ctrlX also excels in terms of availability. As standard, 10-year availability and spare parts support are guaranteed, and this extends to up to 25 years with optional service contracts. This assurance allows for long-term project planning that can evolve and adapt according to the company’s needs without abrupt disruptions or the worry of material scarcity year after year. End-users can avoid surprises and aren’t forced to make short-term modifications to new systems.

In contrast to traditional closed and proprietary automation solutions, ctrlX’s openness to any hardware and software combination means that the risk of vendor lock-in is eliminated, even in the context of longer and more dynamic projects.

  • Up-to-date multi-core processor for high-performance computing

  • Continuously updated software architecture through regular LINUX Ubuntu Core system updates

  • Seamless integration with custom-developed application software

  • Support for over 30 communication protocols

  • Optimised control for every application: integrated into drives or centralised in the controller

For more details, visit the Technical Data section on the official ctrlX website.

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