In-house training


Elevate your education through an immersive journey with Eureka System. Becoming a part of our team entails engaging in a holistic programme of personal and professional growth. At Eureka, every member actively contributes to the entire spectrum of activities, from analysis and conceptualisation to the intricate development of each unique project.


Explore the future of industrial development with our state-of-the-art AgiLAB laboratory. Our mission is to cultivate new generations of professional technicians. Through comprehensive individual and teamwork projects, our training endeavours are strategically designed to equip participants with the essential tools for advancing their expertise in Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory paradigms. Our training programme is tailored to offer technical know-how, foster in-depth comprehension of cutting-edge concepts, and master practical working methodologies.

At Eureka System, our trainees embark on a journey of technological specialisation, immersing themselves in dynamic, innovative, and experimental projects. These projects are meticulously crafted to propel every individual towards a shared achievement. With AgiLAB, we are shaping the next generation of industrial technicians who are poised to revolutionise the landscape of technology and manufacturing.


By involving students in AgiLAB, we want to allow them to understand their potential and aptitudes in a School-Work alternation course. For this, we have designed and created a space dedicated to the dialogue between schools and companies, developed with coding, project management, and the development of automated systems.

Engaging students in purpose-driven activities, we immerse them in real-world scenarios that demand problem-solving skills within defined timeframes. This is achieved through a dynamic synergy between our seasoned technical experts and students who possess a keen inclination for hands-on experimentation and collaborative learning.

AgiLAB for in-house training

A structured and in-depth training course to help you master specific technical skills.