Autonomous mobile robots for small loads

Jobot: the affordable AMR, designed and built in Italy, for handling small loads

Jobot® is the result of a partnership between Eutronica and several partners from the world of automation and robotics. The robotic handling system is based on ROS (Robot Operating System) and was developed in collaboration with Proxima Roboticswhile Eureka System developed the industrial fleet management software for Jobot, the Fleet Management System NAVARCO.

Jobot is a compact and efficient collaborative mobile robot designed to be economically affordable. It moves within programmed routes, performing simple transportation tasks from loading and unloading stations to work centres. Jobot not only reduces the time it takes people to move around but also reduces the time spent waiting for materials, components, and support equipment needed to advance or start production processes. Moreover, this practical AMR makes the best use of your existing layout, as it does not require any changes to the working environment. Jobot enables rapid efficiency improvements in indoor material handling and is the optimal and flexible solution for any organisation wishing to automate low-value-added tasks.

Starting from Jobot’s software platform, Eureka System and the two partner companies developed the AMR Helko, a Truck Robot, i.e. a mobile robot that acts as a truck that can pull industrial carts or workbenches up to 250 kg.

Jobot® architecture is designed to optimise energy consumption, contain costs, and be durable

Jobot enables rapid efficiency improvement in indoor material handling and is the optimal and flexible solution for any company wishing to automate low-value-added tasks.

Jobot® for Sanitisation: the AMR can be equipped with UV-C technology to sanitise rooms, equipment and objects automatically

Total scheduling flexibility - Different levels of sanitisation can be achieved as required - High autonomy - Safety procedures - Reporting of treatments carried out - Possibility of double use (logistics / Sanitisation)

5Gjobot is Jobot's 5G architecture and Edge Computing project winner of Vodafone's Italian Action for 5G

5Gjobot enables new real-time collaboration capabilities between robots of the AMR fleet, between robots and environmental sensors, and between robots and remote operators. Moreover, thanks to the services directly installed on the Vodafone MEC, the installation is carried out without any intervention on the company's network, preserving the security of the company's IT network and compliance with the relevant policies adopted, including the most restrictive ones.

Jobot® is customisable in its accessories to ensure that each company can optimally configure the AMRs in its fleet.

Jobots can also be interfaced with MES/MOM, ERP, or WMS systems via Restful or SQL; it is also possible to interface them with other systems, sensors, automatic doors, and lifts to carry out transport or sanitisation missions on several floors.

Do you need a mobile robot to perform particular tasks? We can create together the ideal fleet configuration for your company.

Adopting a fleet of mobile robots exponentially increases savings and better supports your indoor logistics operations.

The simultaneous demand for several missions in large working environments is managed by the server through a logic that optimises the routes and utilisation times of all available robots.

NAVARCO‘s fleet management algorithms work to optimise resource utilisation by optimally managing communication between the different robots and the queues of required missions.

The AMR’s navigation software maps the environment in which the robot is operating.

Thanks to maps acquired during installation and the information resulting from the continuous monitoring of contingent situations, Jobot® is able to recognise its own position, as well as potentially dangerous situations, and process the most suitable actions (from stopping to taking alternative routes) accordingly.


  • Laser scanner
  • Integrated camera
  • Encoders on the drive wheels
  • Anti-falling sensors

It is ideal when working in complex environments, i.e. in all those situations where an autonomously guided mobile robot can be a real advantage for the human workforce.

The navigation software with which Jobot® is equipped enables it to recognise its surroundings, avoid unexpected obstacles, calculate optimal routes, and recalculate alternative routes in real-time.

During the installation procedure, you define rules and constraints that Jobot will respect when processing its movements.

Jobot® performs an elementary function: transporting objects autonomously.
Its missions can be carried from one point to another in almost any indoor working environment.

Any operator can be enabled to assign missions to Jobot.

Within the range of weights and shapes allowed, Jobot can carry out missions of any nature, directly or indirectly supporting production, in any manufacturing or service company.

By performing an elementary function, its possibilities for use are virtually endless.

Based on the type of objects to be moved, the most suitable containment system can be chosen; furthermore, the AMR can be equipped with a powerful UV-C lamp to carry out the sanitisation of environments in a totally automated manner.


Technical features

Jobot weight: approx. 35 kg

Transportable load: 30 kg ~ 50 kg

Maximum gradeability: 8%

A power-optimised design gives Jobot® the ability to work continuously for a full shift (10 hours, 50% duty cycle).

The CPU board has a specific circuit and firmware to monitor the battery’s charge status in order to estimate the remaining autonomy as accurately as possible.

Jobot® saves your employees time. By scaling the Jobot fleet appropriately, the time normally spent travelling is reduced by up to 80%. All operators who, at a given location, need to receive or send something to someone can request Jobot’s intervention instead of physically moving.

Mission optimisation algorithms allow the greatest possible reduction in overall travel time.

The system collects and processes all operating data in order to improve the performance of the company fleet. Jobot is able to record two different categories of data: those relating to normal work performance and those relating to unexpected events and issues. This system is also provided with a remote support service to optimise the performance of the fleet.

Jobot’s installation involves scanning the working environment, a digital map processing phase, and the definition of layout constraints, movement rules, and notable points within the environment that may constitute mission starting points or destinations.

In the case of large environments, map acquisition can be carried out in parallel by a fleet of Jobots.