Track & Trace

Tailor-made software for traceability and production monitoring

In a production facility, knowing the whereabouts and history of each specific product can be immensely valuable

For this reason, we develop automated Track and Trace systems that provide companies with complete visibility into the production cycle. These traceability systems allow a production plant to track its products and trace them back to a specific product batch or the raw materials used. By combining data from various sources and sensors, operators are provided with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the history of each manufactured piece, from raw material to processing, labelling, and shipping operations.

The Track & Trace solutions we offer are integrable software modules custom-developed according to industrial standards such as ISA-88, ISA-95, IEC 62264, and international models of best practices for the integration of management systems and control systems in companies.

These are integrated solutions that can communicate vertically with the lower Automation level (machines and equipment) as well as with higher-level systems like Enterprise Resource Management (ERP). They can also communicate horizontally with other functionalities and modules typical of Manufacturing Execution Systems.


Trace the production history of every single part of a finished product: raw materials, suppliers, processes, operators employed, machines used, batch numbers, serial numbers, measurement data acquired, quality tests, etc.

Increased visibility, efficiency and productivity thanks to an integrated and automated Tracking System for process, batch, and individual product traceability.

Why implementing a Track & Trace solution

  • Simply accessible data and production traceability.

  • Total visibility of processes and individual operations.

  • Rapid response to unforeseen events.

  • Improved overall performance in production and logistics.

  • Make better and more informed business decisions.

  • Support in defining best practices and workflows.

  • A proven, reliable, and seamlessly integrated software solution.

  • Analysis of real business processes prior to customised development.

  • Increased effectiveness of management and control procedures because they are adjusted to the company itself.

  • Possibility of making any changes to the system on request.

  • Integration of the T&T solution with the MES/MOM system and the ERP system.

  • Integration with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Automation & Integration

Our Track and Trace solution does not only track products during their production process but can also collect other production-related information from various sources: WMS, ERP, SCADA systems, MES/MOM, etc.
Integration with existing business systems minimises paperwork and manual data entry, with the direct consequence of reducing human errors and increasing the speed of the information retrieval process.

Improved monitoring

With the ability to track raw materials and products, it is easier to identify areas of waste, lower productivity, or bottlenecks.

Easy accessibility

Any enabled operator can access the information from anywhere simply by connecting to the T&T system via PC and displaying the data on easy-to-understand graphical dashboards.

Timeliness in case of unforeseen events

Track & Trace solutions allow defective or damaged products to be recalled in a timely manner, identifying the affected batch at the click of a mouse.

track and trace

Integrated and customised solutions for Tracking and Production Monitoring

Our solutions are consistently tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, as we understand that each company possesses its own distinctive production intricacies that define its individuality.

If you're looking to bring innovation to your company while preserving your established production methods, we're here to assist you

Thanks to our vast experience in the field of automation, we apply skills developed in different industries to carefully study the customised solution that best suits your business needs. First, we will thoroughly analyse your production processes, from the Automation level up to Management, to fully understand your business dynamics and start developing a tailor-made solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, methods and technologies.


Analysis of the company, its operations, and production processes so as to identify critical points and define the most suitable technical solution.


Technical-functional analysis and definition of technical specifications in terms of implementation and integration.


Development of the tailor-made 4.0 solution customised on the individual company and its production processes.


Deployment of the solution, validation testing, eventual replications, and after-sales services.