Industrial Hydraulics

Interconnected solutions according to Industry 4.0

Hydraulic pumps, hydro motors, cylinders, valves, piping, instrumentation, customised hydraulic systems

We provide all our decades-long experience and expertise, developed mainly with Bosch Rexroth industrial hydraulics products.

The industrial hydraulic systems we propose are custom-developed because we believe that manufacturing companies must always be placed in a position to improve their production process while at the same time protecting the peculiarities and methods acquired in their historical experience.

  • Customised Software: We understand that every business is unique. Our software for hydraulic systems comes with the flexibility to be tailored according to your specific needs, ensuring that your business has the tools it needs to thrive.

  • Real Process Analysis: before tailoring a solution for you, we delve into your real-world business processes. This analysis forms the foundation for a bespoke solution that perfectly aligns with your operations.

  • Vertical Solutions: our solutions are not just add-ons; they seamlessly integrate into your production processes, enhancing efficiency and performance.

  • Your Solution, Your Way: we believe in offering a solution that’s truly yours. Need modifications? We’ve got you covered. Our system can be easily adjusted to accommodate your requests, ensuring a perfect fit for your evolving needs.

Discover a new level of efficiency tailored to your business. Partner with us for integrated solutions that evolve as you do.

The advantages of a tailor-made industrial hydraulics system:

  • Scalable, consolidated, and perfectly integrated hardware and software solution within the company
  • Customised software functionalities
  • Analysis of real business processes as a preliminary step to tailor-made development
  • Implementation of vertically integrated solutions into the company's production processes
  • Possibility to make any system modifications upon request

Hydraulics and Industry 4.0

System Design & Integration

  • Integrated electronics
  • Position- and force-controlled servo systems
  • Cylinders controlled in synchronism
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Load distribution and centre of gravity control
  • HPU management

More efficiency, less downtime

  • Collection of system operating data via integrated sensors and standard communication protocols (e.g. OPC UA)
  • Visualisation of machine data in real-time to monitor the operating status of the machine
  • Analysis of historical data collected by sensors, useful for better planning of maintenance activities
  • Diagnostics of process variables

Industrial Hydraulics Systems 4.0

Turnkey hydraulic solutions interconnected and integrated in modern system architectures

Our solutions are consistently tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, as we understand that each company possesses its own distinctive production intricacies that define its individuality.

If you're looking to bring innovation to your company while preserving your established production methods, we're here to assist you

Thanks to our vast experience in the field of automation, we apply skills developed in different industries to carefully study the customised solution that best suits your business needs. First, we will thoroughly analyse your production processes, from the Automation level up to Management, to fully understand your business dynamics and start developing a tailor-made solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, methods and technologies.


Analysis of the company, its operations, and production processes so as to identify critical points and define the most suitable technical solution.


Technical-functional analysis and definition of technical specifications in terms of implementation and integration.


Development of the tailor-made 4.0 solution customised on the individual company and its production processes.


Deployment of the solution, validation testing, eventual replications, and after-sales services.