Improna - Print & Apply labeling system

Simplify your end-of-line with Improna: the tailor-made solution to automatically manage every stage of pallet labelling

Simple, dynamic, and customisable to measure: IMPRONA is the Robotic Pallet Labelling System that automates pallet labelling operations by adapting to different print and application parameters: size and number of labels, dimensions, positions, etc.

The inherent freedom of the Doosan collaborative robot combined with Eureka System’s software expertise in developing customised industrial automation makes IMPRONA an incredibly flexible and dynamic solution.

IMPRONA stampa applica robotica

Labelling tool

Doosan collaborative robot


Industrial automatic label printer

Safety laser scanner

Transportable skid

Telescopic column

Barcode reader for
labelling verification


Information sharing

Via I/O or OPC UA protocol, Improna's software interoperates with PLC, MES, and ERP systems already in use in your company.

Tracking & label readability

Thanks to the barcode reader, Improna verifies the correct application of the label and returns the traceability data to higher systems.

Adaptation to every end-line

The Improna skid is adjustable and customisable both in the layout of the structure and in the choice of brands and models of integrated components.

Complete customisation & integration

Improna can be equipped with a fully integrated, tailor-made software platform that can interface bi-directionally with other print-apply machines as well as with MES/MOM and ERP systems.


IMPRONA goes one step ahead of traditional solutions by achieving unique levels of customisation tailored to each industrial process. It’s not just about automating labelling; it’s about meeting specific needs. That’s why we offer the possibility to integrate the full range of Doosan collaborative robots directly into the skid.

From structural modifications to seamless integration of different cobot models and industrial printers, IMPRONA offers unparalleled flexibility designed to perfectly match your company’s labelling needs.

Cobot Doosan H2017 serie H

Ideal for labelling pallets on two parallel lines with a single skid

IMPRONA skid with Doosan M0617 cobot, H2017:
- with a 1700 mm reach

Cobot Doosan A0509 serie A

Ideal for labelling pallets in limited space

IMPRONA skid with Doosan A0509 cobot
- Improna standard skid structure

Cobot Doosan M1013 serie M

Ideal for labelling unusual objects and non-planar pallets

IMPRONA skid with Doosan M-series cobots:
M0609, M1509, M1013, M0617
- with torque cells that allow the robot to adapt to the angle of the surface to be labelled

Improna - Print & Apply labeling system
Thanks to its customised integrated software platform, which can be customised with specific functionalities developed on demand, IMPRONA can interface bi-directionally with all print-apply machines, acting as an Asset Management System capable of interoperating with the other IT/OT systems deployed in the company.


  • Retrieve your pallet label information and layout
  • Generate and customise labels using our intuitive Web GUI
  • Automatically print the labels
  • Apply one or multiple labels to each pallet with precision
  • Centrally manage both pneumatic applicators and robotic labelling systems

  • Effortlessly generate 1D/2D barcodes
  • Directly use the ZPL language for maximum flexibility
  • Dynamically create labels based on production variables
  • Easily store and export print job histories

  • Direct PLC integration with end-of-line processes
  • Real-time Event and Alarm Logging
  • Immediate detection of label application errors

  • Seamlessly import tracking data from upper management systems
  • Efficiently identify and manage pallets using tracking codes and timestamps
  • Streamline the export of tracking information
  • Facilitate seamless sharing of tracking data with enterprise systems

    Scalable and customisable, Improna is the robotic labelling system that adapts to meet your future challenges:

    Changes in line layouts

    Interfacing with new systems

    Use of dynamic fields in labels

    Integration of new print-apply machines

    Changing print and application parameters

    The IMPRONA solution to automatically print and apply labels on pallets consists of both hardware and software components: a robotic application skid and a software platform for the central management of print-apply machines.

    The two solutions that make up the IMPRONA print-apply system (hardware and software) can be fully integrated but can also be adopted independently of each other, depending on specific business needs.

    On the software side, the Improna platform is fully customised to interface bi-directionally with existing print-application machines as well as with MES/MOM production management and ERP systems.

    On the hardware side, the Improna skid structure guarantees significant freedom in modifying and customising components and layouts.

    Improna’s software is always customised to communicate directly with existing systems. Improna can interface and exchange data and commands with your other systems, like PLCs and production management systems, MES, and ERP.

    In other words, Improna guarantees the exchange and processing of orders and tracking data from different hardware and software components, seamlessly integrated into the system.

    The keyword is scalability: the Improna pallet labelling system can be customised to centrally manage multiple labelling machines across one or more production lines.

    The print-apply machines that Improna’s software platform can control and monitor can be either collaborative robotic skids or pneumatic applicators.

    By collecting palletised product data and generating pallet tracking data, Improna provides complete end-of-line visibility.

    Thanks to the robust layered architecture of the software platform, the system also copes with temporary offline situations and communication problems between the end-of-line and the company’s IT systems.


    Robotic Print & Apply labeling system

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