HELKO Autonomous Mobile Robot


The Jobot-Powered AMR Revolutionising Industrial Cart Handling

The AMR Helko is the perfect example of a Truck Robot—an autonomous mobile robot that serves as a powerful truck for towing carts and workbenches weighing up to 250kg.

What truly sets Helko apart is its innovative lateral coupling mechanism, a unique feature in the global Autonomous Mobile Robot landscape. This groundbreaking design ensures a range of technical and mechanical advantages, making Helko adaptable and flexible across diverse industrial contexts. For instance, the tethered yet independently mobile coupling of the drive unit and the cart guarantees traction and wheel grip, even on uneven surfaces.

Driving this innovation is our proprietary AMR software platform, NAVARCO, meticulously developed by Eureka System. NAVARCO seamlessly orchestrates and supervises real-time fleet coordination of the AMRs, managing Helko’s dynamic interactions with humans, other Helko units, and machinery.

Our tightly-knit development team, coupled with the fact that the entire system is homegrown in Italy—both its software and mechanical design—ensures the ability to make modifications, tailor solutions, and engineer and integrate novel functionalities to meet specific requirements. In simpler terms, we guarantee comprehensive customization of Helko, from design to hardware and software, catering to every unique need.

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towing carts/workbenches

500 mm x 850 mm

280 mm

up to 250 kg

0.3 m/s ~ 1.5 m/s

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Helko AMR

An AMR designed and built entirely in Italy

HELKO is the AMR designed to adapt to any specific requirement; it represents the pinnacle of adaptable mobile robotic solutions, meticulously crafted to meet your precise requirements. With complete control over both the software and mechanical design aspects, we ensure the ability to adjust and tailor the AMR to your unique needs and seamlessly develop and integrate new features.

Discovering Helko’s potential for your applications

Efficient Line and Warehouse Logistics – Streamlined Supply and Smart Storage – Precise Kitting and Swift Picking – Seamlessly Integrated Cross-Docking – Tool Handling and Setup Made Effortless – Streamlining Waste Management… <br>Is there an innovative concept or a demand for AMR-driven transformation? With HELKO, we can work together to turn it into reality.

Helko AMR transporting cart


For transporting industrial carts or workbenches; payload 250 kg.


HELKO is equipped with the best components on the market that ensure reliability and customisation.


Mapping and dynamic definition of navigation routes, obstacle avoidance, environment recognition, and optimal route calculation.


Flexible AMR solution, with ROI between 12 and 36 months.


Multi-map, multi-floor indoor navigation.


HELKO is entirely designed and built in Italy by the same development team that created Jobot.


HELKO trucks and carts are widely customisable in functions, dimensions, accessories, and aesthetics.


Interoperability with management software, machines, lifts, automatic doors, and other business systems.


HELKO docks the cart by adapting to its actual position in the environment.


Point-to-point missions; multi-point with multiple loading/unloading points; cyclic.


Active and passive safety; obstacle detection and re-routing; definition of areas and interaction points.


Possibility of uniquely associating a task with a specific HELKO robot.


Different types of IT/OT architecture available, including Wi-Fi and 5G networks.


Flexible and scalable system; installing a new AMR does not require any downtime or infrastructure changes.

Helko is a fully customizable robotic solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of each company, ensuring optimal configuration of the AMRs within your fleet. For a seamless integrated logistics solution, our AMRs can be seamlessly interfaced with machinery, sensors, automated doors, elevators, and existing software within your company, such as production or warehouse management systems.

  • Collaborative design and definition of dimensional and aesthetic layout based on client needs, including design and colour customisation.
  • Hardware and accessories can be tailored upon request.
  • Flexibility to add or modify core features.
  • Software integration with MES/MOM, ERP, or WMS systems through RESTful APIs.
  • Integration with existing on-site systems: sensors, automatic doors, elevators to execute multi-level transport missions.

As a fully configurable and personalised robotic system, Helko provides the solution for all application needs requiring a tailored AMR system.

Perfect for transporting industrial carts or workbenches, Helko excels in complex environments or dynamic and flexible production layouts.

Helko’s advanced navigation software, developed in ROS 2 by our partner Proxima Robotics on the Proxima Compass platform, maps the robot’s operating environment. This unique software enables Helko to navigate and orient itself within the mapped space without relying on aids or infrastructure. It empowers the robot to accurately identify and dock carts, even when they are manually positioned roughly.

Meanwhile, NAVARCO, Eureka System’s proprietary mission management software, coordinates, monitors, and manages both individual Helko robots and entire AMR fleets in real-time. NAVARCO defines mission priorities, controls the models of interaction with machinery and personnel, and oversees mission execution.

With the maps acquired during installation and information gathered through continuous monitoring of real-time situations, each Helko autonomously locates its position and detects potential hazards, responding with appropriate actions ranging from halting to seeking alternative routes. On the IoT front, alarms, telemetry, and navigation data are seamlessly viewable on a dedicated dashboard.

Helko is provided with features such as

  • dynamic mapping and route definition via the Map Editor;
  • automatic environmental recognition;
  • obstacle avoidance, person detection, and re-routing capabilities;
  • automatic calculation of optimal routes;
  • real-time recalculations of alternative routes.

Equipped with a user-friendly graphical interface, Helko allows you to dynamically map routes and interaction points and supports multi-map and multi-floor installations. During the map creation process, rules and constraints can be defined, ensuring Helko adheres to specific movement parameters.

Unlock the pinnacle of logistic efficiency through the adoption of the Helko mobile robot fleet. Our cutting-edge Fleet Management System, NAVARCO, seamlessly orchestrates a multitude of mobile robots, providing centralised control over your fleet’s operations, no matter the route configuration.

Even in sprawling workspaces with a high demand for multiple concurrent missions, the Fleet Management System’s server takes the reins, employing a sophisticated logic that optimises movement and utilisation timelines for every available robot. NAVARCO’s state-of-the-art algorithms empower resource optimisation, ensure impeccable communication among different robots, and seamlessly handle mission queues.

Helko is a certified robotic system that complies with the following standard safety regulations and directives for industrial environments:

  • IP Protection: IP 40
  • Compliance with Directives: 2006/42/EC; 2014/35/EU; 2014/30/EU
  • Adherence to Standards: CEI EN 60204-1; UNI EN ISO 13849-1; CEI EN 62061; EN ISO 3691-4-2020

Moreover, Helko’s dynamic truck-cart coupling system guarantees load stability throughout the entirety of its navigation.

Helko transports individual items or pallets along dynamically defined routes, all at a weight capacity of 250 kg. Its standout feature? Effortlessly towing carts. Helko seamlessly docks to carts or workstations, serving as a robotic truck. Once it reaches its destination, the cart is released, and Helko readies itself for its next transport mission.

The level of customization and configuration for the cart is virtually limitless. From straightforward carts to drawers and agile assembly line workstations, Helko adapts. Its autonomous navigation further extends its capabilities, allowing transport tasks from and to any point within indoor work environments.

Helko accomplishes both GOODS-TO-PERSON and GOODS-TO-MACHINE assignments, effortlessly interfacing with other machines or robots through software interactions without human intervention.


Standard type of handling: industrial carts/workbenches

Transportable load: up to 250 kg

Maximum collaborative speed: 0.5 m/s at full load

Surmountable gaps or steps in the floor: up to 10 mm

Surmountable floor cracks: up to 15 mm

A power-optimised design gives Helko the ability to operate continuously for a full shift (10 hours, 60% duty cycle).

The battery’s state of charge is managed by the software so that the remaining autonomy is estimated as accurately as possible and recharging missions are automatically sent in cases of extreme need.

Battery: LiFePO4 24VDC

  • Before and after-sales services: initial mapping of the environment and definition of the route layout; staff training; technical support.

  • Integration: turnkey AMR system commissioning.

  • Specialist technical assistance with remote or on-site support.

  • Remote Control: web and mobile interface for remote control with direct request to technical support.

  • Alarm Reporting: data logging of unexpected events and problems.


The Italian customised mobile robotics solution

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Our solutions are consistently tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, as we understand that each company possesses its own distinctive production intricacies that define its individuality.

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