Custom-made MES solutions

Custom-developed MES/MOM systems and individual modules

Custom-developed Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), and Individual Modules for Production Process Management

At Eureka System, we believe that manufacturing companies should have the means to optimise every stage of their production process while safeguarding the uniqueness, workflows, and acquired work methods that define their business. For this reason, the MES and MOM systems we offer are modular solutions for production management, entirely developed and tailored to your needs, utilising globally established standard IT technologies or custom solutions developed on the Ignition software platform.


Architecturally, production management systems are vertically integrated between administrative IT systems (ERP, SCM, CRM, etc.) and the Automation level (SCADA, PLC, CNC, etc.). This ensures that all plant activities are communicated, coordinated, managed, and tracked accurately. Vertical integration empowers the system to automatically orchestrate production processes that inherently involve multiple layers and systems. Without this integration, decisions could be made independently, resulting in less effective outcomes.


Horizontal integration focuses on communicating data related to the supply chain, providing a transparent and comprehensive view of information across the entire chain. This stretches from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, encompassing internal movement processes such as cross-docking, warehousing, replenishment, and shipping.

Automated execution of operations

• Management of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operations
• Batch and product variant management

Machinery and personnel management

Continuous monitoring of machine, tool, and system performances:
• OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) control
• KPI (Key Performance Indicator) detection

Production control and monitoring

• Calculation of the expected theoretical time
• Graphic monitoring of production order progress

Optimised scheduling

Bill of Material (BOM) and Bill of Operations (BOO) Management

Data tracking & tracing

• Comprehensive process and product traceability: products, batches, materials, machinery, equipment, and instruments; quality controls; downtimes...
• Automatic timestamping of every operation

Data historicization

• Production data archiving
• Tailored integrations with IT systems and data synchronisation to cloud platforms
• Data processing and reporting

  • A proven, reliable software solution that complies with international industry standards.

  • Total integration of the solution in the company: vertical and horizontal integration with systems and technologies already in use.

  • Analysis of your actual business processes, preliminary to customised development.
  • Implementation of vertical solutions and customised functionalities.

  • Increased effectiveness of management and control procedures because they are based on your company and workflows.

  • Guaranteed future expandability and scalability; possibility to make any changes to the system on demand.

Tailor-made development

Customised production management systems conforming to ISA88, ISA95, and IEC 62264

Custom MES/MOM systems or single modules

Modular, integrated and customised solutions for production management

Our solutions are consistently tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, as we understand that each company possesses its own distinctive production intricacies that define its individuality.

If you're looking to bring innovation to your company while preserving your established production methods, we're here to assist you

Thanks to our vast experience in the field of automation, we apply skills developed in different industries to carefully study the customised solution that best suits your business needs. First, we will thoroughly analyse your production processes, from the Automation level up to Management, to fully understand your business dynamics and start developing a tailor-made solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, methods and technologies.


Analysis of the company, its operations, and production processes so as to identify critical points and define the most suitable technical solution.


Technical-functional analysis and definition of technical specifications in terms of implementation and integration.


Development of the tailor-made 4.0 solution customised on the individual company and its production processes.


Deployment of the solution, validation testing, eventual replications, and after-sales services.