Intel® UP board

IIoT Gateway with Intel® UP board

IIoT gateways for Edge Computing developed on Intel® with an Open Architecture

As a Gold Partner of Intel®, we offer the UP series as the new hardware foundation for developing custom Edge Computing solutions with Intel® components. The UP hardware series, with UP Squared V2 taking the spotlight for its openness and versatility, delivers high-level performance in data management and command execution. These compact IIoT devices are highly adaptable and can be deployed in numerous hardware and software configurations.

The open architecture proposed by Eureka System fully leverages the flexibility of UP hardware and the ability to integrate them with other industrial-grade hardware and software components known for their reliability. Applications developed by Eureka System on UP hardware make use of Firmware-level technologies (particularly TCC, TSN) that Intel offers in the Intel® Pentium®, Celeron®, and Core® processor families. As a result, UP Intel®-based IIoT gateways ensure powerful data processing capability, crucial for IIoT applications requiring a quick and dependable response.

Every Intel-based solution is always designed with customisation requests and specific customer needs in mind. The tailored integration of these multiprotocol IIoT gateways with the corporate network and systems is a key feature. The ability to work in synergy with the existing corporate infrastructure allows for a seamless transition to industrial automation and IIoT.

  • Tailor-made design and creation of both Hardware and Software solutions with Intel® processors

  • Integration of multi-protocol IIoT gateways with corporate equipment and network

  • OPEN HW solution using commercial, industry-grade components

  • System co-design and customisation of the Web GUI for status and control
IoT gateway with Intel UP squared V2 by Eureka System, Gold partner Intel

Full integration

  • Interaction with PLC logic controllers

  • Communication with MES/MOM production management systems

  • Interfacing with cloud platforms and services

  • Guaranteed future expandability

UP Squared V2 case for Edge Computing

Main features

  • Acquisition of data streams from the field

  • Archiving and pre-processing of data

  • Execution of machine commands

  • Diagnostics: logging of data, events, alarms

  • Local real-time monitoring of data

The UP technology is based on the latest-generation Intel® processors, including the Celeron® N6210 and the Pentium® J6426, delivering remarkable computational power with a burst frequency of up to 3.00 GHz, all while maintaining an incredibly efficient TDP of only 10W. This new generation of Intel processors represents a significant performance improvement over previous versions, ensuring greater speed and responsiveness in data processing.

However, power is not the only strength: UP technology is highly scalable, allowing for a wide range of configurations to meet the specific needs of each customer. It can handle 4K resolution at 60 Hz on three screens simultaneously, providing an exceptional visual experience. Furthermore, thanks to its open software architecture, it can be customised and adapted to perform a variety of tasks and industrial applications. With the combination of cutting-edge Intel processors and flexible software architecture, UP technology offers a powerful and reliable IIoT system for businesses seeking high performance and versatility.

UP Squared V2 is designed to excel in demanding industrial environments. One of the key features that makes it ideal for these applications is its 12V DC-in power input. This option allows UP Squared V2 to be used in a wide range of industrial contexts, ensuring reliability and consistent performance even in challenging conditions.

The energy efficiency of UP Squared V2 helps to keep power consumption low, a crucial aspect, especially in industrial environments.

Security is an absolute priority, and UP Squared V2 exemplifies this. It comes equipped with hardware TPM v2.0 (Trusted Platform Module), an essential component for ensuring the highest level of data protection. TPM is widely used in data encryption services to securely create and store encryption keys, ensuring that only authorised users can access sensitive data. Furthermore, TPM verifies the integrity of the operating system and firmware on the device, protecting it from any tampering or unauthorised access attempts.

UP Squared V2 represents a complete and secure industrial solution, designed to address the challenges of the modern manufacturing world while ensuring the utmost protection of sensitive data and operational continuity in any environment.

Thanks to the 40-pin GP-bus, versatility lies at the heart of the development of every custom Edge Box. This open architecture provides the freedom to design and build each Edge Box precisely to meet the specific needs of your project.

The UP Squared hardware also features multiple M.2 slots for AI functions, WiFi, Bluetooth, and storage expansion. With these available M.2 slots, it’s easy to integrate additional modules to achieve the desired functions. These slots support a wide range of options, allowing for further customization of the Edge Box.

Whether it’s an industrial automation project, remote monitoring, or any other IIoT application, our open software architecture and UP hardware make the system highly expandable to adapt to your ever-evolving challenges and opportunities.

UP Squared V2, part of the UP series of compact Intel®-based solutions, delivers incredible power in an extremely compact form factor. Measuring just 85.6 x 90 mm, this device is designed to effortlessly fit into any application environment, even in extremely confined spaces.

Despite its small size, UP Squared V2 is equipped with powerful Intel® Celeron® N6210 and Pentium® J6426 processors, with a burst frequency of up to 3.00 GHz and a TDP of only 10W. This combination of compact dimensions and remarkable power makes it the ideal choice for industrial and IoT applications where space is precious but processing power is essential.

UP Squared V2 offers high performance without sacrificing adaptability to any environment, whether it’s IIoT applications, remote monitoring, or specific industrial automation or robotics projects.

With this device, power meets compactness to meet even your most demanding computational needs.

Similar to the case of Raspberry Pi, the native openness of Intel®-based UP devices offers greater freedom and a wide range of opportunities compared to many options available in the market.

All UP products share the same 40-pin HAT as Raspberry Pi, making it easy to migrate existing applications from Raspberry Pi to UP. This compatibility allows you to leverage the integrated Intel processors and advanced features offered by UP without having to completely redesign your applications. It can be an excellent solution for those looking to enhance the performance of their applications without starting from scratch, fully utilising the hardware compatibility with Raspberry Pi.

Support is crucial when dealing with industrial devices like UP Squared. In addition to software support and custom project assistance provided by Eureka System, end-users and developers can tap into a robust support ecosystem established within the UP and Intel online communities.

These communities are dynamic gatherings of passionate and knowledgeable individuals who actively collaborate and share their experiences and expertise. In addition to our comprehensive software and project support, you can rely on additional resources such as technical assistance, driver and software downloads, and hardware issue resolution solutions available within the UP Community.

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