IIoT Gateway with Raspberry

Edge-Box: IIoT gateways for Edge Computing tailored to your application

Edge-Boxes are devices that act as gateways within a larger Edge Computing system. These devices collect data from the field and interconnect with automation systems to monitor, control, or connect them to management systems.

Based on Raspberry industrial-grade technology, the Edge-Box is the basic unit of a broader Distributed Intelligence system interconnected at field-level. In this decentralised architecture, each Edge-Box performs its tasks independently, guaranteeing data security even in the absence of communication with the higher level. Thanks to a network of Edge-Boxes that can be accessed via Web GUI by your authorised operating personnel, it is possible to achieve comprehensive Automation control.

  • Tailor-made design and creation of both hardware and software for your solution

  • Integration of multi-protocol IIoT gateways with corporate equipment and network

  • Open HW solution using commercial, industry-grade components

  • System co-design and customisation of the Web GUI for status and control

Gateway industriale multifunzione EdgeBOX per Edge Computing
EdgeBOX customization for Raspberry IIoT gateway






Embedded Web Server

Custom software

Exclusive features
upon request

Web Frontend
desktop and mobile




Bluetooth and radio

Digital and analogue I/O

Tailor-made Hardware Design

Full integration

  • Interaction with PLC logic controllers

  • Communication with MES/MOM production management systems

  • Interfacing with cloud platforms and services

  • Guaranteed future expandability


Acquisizione di flussi di dati da sensori IoT e web app connessa

Main features

  • Acquisition of data streams from the field

  • Archiving and pre-processing of data

  • Execution of machine commands

  • Diagnostics: logging of data, events, alarms

  • Local real-time monitoring of data

The major advantage of using Raspberry Pi in the industrial sector is its virtually infinite flexibility. Being independent of any hardware manufacturer, it can be employed with the majority of existing systems or integrated with various types of components.

This makes this type of hardware ideal for OT and Edge Automation, as it can be configured and personalised to create industrial solutions and tailored IIoT applications.

  • MACHINE MONITORING: In the industrial sector, Raspberry Pi is widely employed for monitoring machinery and equipment. With various connectivity options, it can be paired with an array of sensors to test parameters and transmit outcomes to a higher-level system or directly to end users on a dedicated dashboard.

  • IIOT GATEWAY: This hardware’s impressive processing prowess and low energy consumption make it an excellent gateway. Working as a local data processing hub, Raspberry Pi can locally preprocess all raw data received from connected devices and transmit commands to actuators and devices.

  • AUTOMATION: In addition to its aforementioned ability to receive and transmit data to and from devices and the cloud, Raspberry Pi can also issue commands. This makes it an intriguing tool for IoT systems and for creating simple automation applications.

All Raspberry Pi products are extensively documented to provide transparent insight into the hardware’s functionality. The comprehensive dedicated documentation includes datasheets, guides, and schematics.

Furthermore, being a globally acclaimed product, this hardware benefits from a global support community known for its wealth of open-source resources.

This hardware can be as small as a microcontroller or as intricate as a distributed control system; it can monitor and govern simple devices or more powerful PLCs.

In many industrial applications, Raspberry Pi modules can form the basis of I/O modules and sensors, as well as control units and servers. They are particularly used for data tracking and monitoring and are ideal for numerous Edge Computing applications.

Together with reliable sensors, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, these units are now routinely deployed across various industrial contexts.

Raspberry Pi products undergo rigorous compliance testing and have been designed to save you time and money.

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Raspberry Pi’s incredibly competitive costs and low power consumption make it an extremely efficient and cost-effective piece of hardware.

Create your own interface

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