Our Automation projects and the commissioning of our solutions have taken us all over the world, but Eureka System’s operational headquarters have always been located in the province of Treviso, in Veneto, Italy. As the company grew and our staff increased, Eureka System relocated to Villorba, Treviso.

Through a well-studied renovation, we converted an outdated building into our ideal headquarters, with open workspaces, conference rooms, individual offices, a robocentric laboratory, and fitness and relaxation areas.

Interni con scala della sede Eureka System a Villorba
Sala riunioni della sede Eureka System a Villorba
Uffici della sede Eureka System a Villorba
Sede Eureka System - interni palestra

Eureka System’s new headquarters is the result of an ambitious requalification project of an old building to which we wanted to give new life by revisiting its layout and remodelling the spaces according to our needs.

For us, the headquarters is not only a workspace but also, above all, an island of creativity where we can forge ideas and share expertise.

Eureka System - Esterni sede

The architectural project also involved the aesthetic and design aspects of the building to make the headquarters a visual expression of the company.

By carrying out this local requalification project, we were able to create a smart and innovative working environment with the best ambient and comfort conditions.

Thanks to the implementation of Domusys, a sophisticated Building Management System entirely devised and developed in-house, we ensure excellent comfort in the working areas and common spaces. Domusys also ensures maximum control and efficiency in the use of natural and energy resources.