Machine and Plant Programming

Control and monitoring of machines and industrial systems

Automated systems customised according to Industry 4.0 paradigms

We study and develop customised software for the command and control of mechatronic systems:

  • Finite-state machines
  • Continuous processes
  • Batch processes
  • Special automatic systems

Our skills in mechanics, electronics, and software are the result of our multi-sector and multi-disciplinary experience. We pay special attention to project management following the Project Management Institute method according to the UNI ISO 21500 standard.

Automated operations

IT/OT interconnection


easy maintenance

Turnkey mechatronic solutions, interconnected and integrated in modern system architectures

We analyse, study and develop industrial automation solutions with passion, expertise and method

Technical skills

With 20 years of custom-developed special automation projects behind us, here are some of the technologies we work with:

  • Sequential and event-driven logic
  • Centralised and distributed safety on I/O according to ISO 13849-1
  • Linear Motion, Camming, Sync, Robotic Motion
  • Field bus EtherCAT, ProfiNET, EthernetIP
  • PLCs of major industrial brands
  • SCADA Systems
  • Local HMI: fixed, mobile, web-based GUI
  • Fixed and mobile robotics
  • IIoT Systems for Edge Computing
  • Machine Vision Systems

Custom automated systems

Fully integrated, tailor-made mechatronic solutions

Our solutions are consistently tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, as we understand that each company possesses its own distinctive production intricacies that define its individuality.

If you're looking to bring innovation to your company while preserving your established production methods, we're here to assist you

Thanks to our vast experience in the field of automation, we apply skills developed in different industries to carefully study the customised solution that best suits your business needs. First, we will thoroughly analyse your production processes, from the Automation level up to Management, to fully understand your business dynamics and start developing a tailor-made solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, methods and technologies.


Analysis of the company, its operations, and production processes so as to identify critical points and define the most suitable technical solution.


Technical-functional analysis and definition of technical specifications in terms of implementation and integration.


Development of the tailor-made 4.0 solution customised on the individual company and its production processes.


Deployment of the solution, validation testing, eventual replications, and after-sales services.