AgiLAB incontra KEBA

KEBA ha scritto un’approfondimento sul nostro laboratorio robocentrico dedicato allo Smart Manufacturing!

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Robot live demo at virtual MECSPE

Take a tea break with KeMotion


It’s not only taste that counts – but also special service: our customer Eureka System realized an innovative robot capable to follow even G-code toolpaths, fully controlled by KeMotion – our ready-to-use robotics solution. Eureka System was ready to invite you to its stand at MECSPE in Parma. Unfortunately, the fair was cancelled on Monday, October 26th, due to the new Covid19 measures of the Italian government. It can only take place virtually. When, where, and how will be announced at a later date. In the meantime, watch this great video of the robot demo.

Your customized cup of tea, directly prepared and delivered by Agilab robot demo – with the secret ingredient KeMotion! Watch the video now! (© Eureka System)

Hybrid robot experimentation in AgiLAB fully powered by KEBA

Three important things belong to a delicious cup of tea, firstly an exquisite flavour, secondly Eureka System, thirdly KEBA.

Description of the demo
The robot demo appeals to all senses – take a relaxing tea break and see what will happen: The operator presses the start button and tells the robot your name. Watch how the articulated robot receives your order from the MES and immediately begins with the preparation. Water is added and the full tea aroma unfolds.
Whatever your name is – the robot immediately picks up any complex G-code toolpath it has never seen before and signs the coaster with your name, directing it along the instructed fixed-angle 3D path.

This robot demonstration – part of Eureka System’s robocentric interactive laboratory Agilab – shows how a single robot can be capable of executing both common handling missions and machining G-code toolpaths. While simply savouring a cup of tea, you’ll see a range of complex industry 4.0 innovative technologies.

And what is the secret ingredient for this sensual experience?
KeMotion, the turnkey KEBA robot control.

With the ready-to-use robotics solution from KEBA, this impressive demonstration of Eureka System could be realized within a very short time – without great programming effort, and immediately usable. KeMotion manages the motion and safety controls as well as the logical programming of all its various different tasks, thus enabling this complex automated process.

© KEBA – Automation by innovation.